[Samba] A couple of questions.

Joseph.Gaude at gd-ais.com Joseph.Gaude at gd-ais.com
Tue Nov 2 17:27:19 GMT 2004

Hello Samba Folks,
Two things.

1. With winbind, is there a way to specify more then one type of shell with
the "template shell" directive? I'm thinking of doing common logins between
Solaris and Active Directory, but, my users use various shells. Tcsh, csh,
bash, ksh. I'd like to be able to specify shells based on userid if I could.

2. Organizational Units. When I first joined my Solaris Samba servers to our
AD structure, I used a specific OU. The AD supporters (3rd party company)
tell me this OU will change in the near future. Will I have to re-join my
servers when this happens? Will communications between Samba and AD stop
when they change the OU structure? I would test this but I don't have the
environment to test with. 



Joseph A. Gaude'
Systems Engineer - CSM
General Dynamics
Advanced Information Systems IES

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