[Samba] Network failure?

darryl penny dpenny at ehs.wcape.school.za
Tue Nov 2 15:39:35 GMT 2004

Hi to the list.

SuSE 9.1, Samba 3.04, + cups, dns, dhcp, apache2, squid, SuSEfirewall2.
2 x 2.0 GHz cpu + 2GB mem. Essentially LAN only.

Server stops responding to logons, logged on users kicked out of home-drives.
This happens twice a normal working day. Memory seems to dribble away steadily
but surely...
My link via ssh (PUtty) stays good.

This has been frustrating me for some time, and I can't seem to pin down the
cause (my knowledge is in puberty).
I have come to the point of re-instalation, (copout?), but maybe someone came
across this before and is willing to point me in the right direction (please)?

Best regards,

Edgemead High School, Cape Town
Tel +27215581132
Fax +27215584407
Cell +27823752081
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