[Samba] How to apply a patch?

Alex de Vaal AVaal at nh-hotels.nl
Fri May 28 15:43:56 GMT 2004

On 18 May 2004 at 10:28, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> please see the patch attached to bug 1319 (as of yesterday) and
> try it out.  The bug is actually an interaction between
> 'force user' adn 'write list'

Sorry for the late answer.

Can you tell me how to apply this patch (or tell me where I can find the 
documentation how to do it)? 
I always compile Samba from the source RPMS (of RHL9) on the Samba FTP site 
on my RHL9 Linux server (don't know how to do it else... ;-).


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