write list bug reports [was Re: [Samba] OTHER BUG IN SAMBA 3.0.4?! FORCE USE

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue May 18 15:28:17 GMT 2004

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Alex de Vaal wrote:

| I have the same problem (bug 1319) on my print$ share
| (Printer Driver Upload  share) for CUPS printers. After upgrading
| to 3.0.4 I couldn't upload printer drivers anymore, I received
| the following message when I used the APW for installing a new
| driver: "Printer xxxxx not installed; access denied" (or a
| message like that).  My print$ share looks like this:
| [print$]
| comment = Printer Driver Download Area
| path = /etc/samba/drivers
| write list = root, '@TEST.COM\Domain Admins',
| force user = root
| guest ok = Yes
| This means this share is standard in "read-only" mode and it uses
| the "write list" for  write access.

please see the patch attached to bug 1319 (as of yesterday) and
try it out.  The bug is actually an interaction between
'force user' adn 'write list'

cheers, jerry
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