[Samba] Re: Samba 3 and network printing setup

John L Fjellstad john-news at fjellstad.org
Thu May 27 06:04:14 GMT 2004

Hi, sorry it took so long to reply.

"L. Mark Stone" <LMStone at RNoME.com> writes:

> The only way I got this to work was to be logged in as root at a Windows 
> workstation.

Actually, I it working that way too.  Problem is with the Adobe drivers,
there are no INF files, so I can't install it that way. I'm always very
curious why it would ask for the smb user when I'm log in as root.

One thing I didn't mention in my initial mail was this log:
[2004/05/24 14:01:32, 0] smbd/password.c:authorise_login(536)
  authorise_login: rejected invalid user smb
[2004/05/24 14:01:32, 0] printing/nt_printing.c:get_correct_cversion(1119)
  get_correct_cversion: Unable to connect

Basically, it's trying to log in as smb (a user that owns all the files
I export).

John L. Fjellstad
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