[Samba] Locked files stay locked - copy operation from XP to Samba fails

Hamish captainmish at gmx.net
Thu May 27 12:43:14 GMT 2004

I am having a very similar problem copying files from the old sbs server 
- I thought it might be the onboard nic (1gig on asus board) so I have 
installed an intel pro1000 (e1000 module) - this seemed to work but i 
have just had another crash (I am a relative newbie to linux so did not 
know how to recover from it - top did not show any zombie or cpu hogging 
processes - even shutdown-r now would not do it so i did the nasty on 
the reset button..)
If i copied the directories one by one, it worked fine, but when copying 
the whole lot (+- 40G) it dies, seemingly on different files each time.

Bart van Dijck wrote:

>When trying to copy 5000+ files from a client PC to a Samba server I have
>the following problem. Halfway during the operation it hangs on always the
>same file. Windows XP (SP1) gives:
>Unable to copy file [filename]. Specified network name is no longer
> (I had to translate this from Dutch, so it is not the exact message).
>When checking with smbstatus I get this:
>root at kylie:/etc/samba# smbstatus
>Samba version 2.2.8a
>Service      uid      gid      pid     machine
>Werkmap Ba   bart     users     6706   bart     ( Thu May 27
>13:44:01 2004
>IPC$         bart     users     6706   bart     ( Thu May 27
>13:46:25 2004
>Locked files:
>Pid    DenyMode   Access      R/W        Oplock           Name
>6706   DENY_ALL   0x30196     WRONLY     NONE
>/home/bart/gobnet_bart2/images/opleidingen/fotoos/fotokl/18058k.gif   Thu
>May 27 13:46:33 2004
>When I remove the offending files from the tree the rest of the files are
>copied as you would expect. I tried removing the brlock.tdb files (when smbd
>and nmbd were shut down), I then tried cleaning out the whole
>I set:
>oplocks = no
>kernel oplocks = no
>level2 oplocks = no
>in smb.conf
>When I check before starting the copy operation with smbstatus no files are
>locked. When starting the copy the three offending files are locked and stay
>Could this be related to my other problem with the Realtek 8139 and
>3com2000T? Someone suggested that the giga NIC was just too fast. I checked
>with 3com905B and C cards and they have the same problem, so should I revert
>to the old NIC in the Samba server or are there some tweaks I could try? Any
>suggestions are welcome!
>Bart van Dijck

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