[Samba] pam_winbind - losing domain membership

Philip Reetz p.reetz at linet-services.de
Wed May 26 16:52:52 GMT 2004

I have the following setup:
SuSE 9.1 with samba and winbind installed. On the other side is a nt4
domain. I can join the domain with "net rpc join DOMAIN -U
wbinfo -u shows me alle the users etc.
I integrated the pam_winbind.so in my pam configuration and users can
login with their nt login and password. Everything works fine.

After a while it seems that samba/winbind loses the association to the
domain. User cannot login anymore and the /var/log/messages shows
NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.  After a new "net rpc join ...". The login
works again.

Anyone any ideas what could be the cause. I used the versions supplied
with SuSE 9.1.

Any help is highly appreciated.


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