[Samba] VFS calls after disconnect ?

yves.lejeune at kodak.com yves.lejeune at kodak.com
Wed May 26 07:54:18 GMT 2004


> > 
> > Is is normal to have the initial double SMB_VFS_CONNECT and 
> > Should I count the number of SMB_VFS_CONNECT, and really disconnect 
> > when the same
> > number of SMB_VFS_DISCONNECT is called ?
> Yes, use a reference count here.

I tried to store a reference counter in the "vfs_handle_struct::data" 
field, but it does not help:
when SMB_VFS_CONNECT is called the second time for the same process,
its "vfs_handle_struct::data" field is NULL., so I have nothing to 

Would you know an other way to manage per-connection data ?

Best regards,

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