[Samba] PAC implementation, under "open" license.

José Ildefonso Camargo Tolosa icamargo at merkurio.com.ve
Tue May 25 17:48:31 GMT 2004

Not sure, I'm reopening an OLD thread here (sorry).

I need some answers, looking somewhere I found this:


I'm not sure, I just gave it a brieft read. Can't this be used to 
include PAC data on a kerberos ticket in order to use the kerberos 
autentication on win2k/xp?

I know that it also requires some things on the ldap server, but This 
license says:

"© 2002 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Microsoft grants you a perpetual, nonexclusive, royalty-free, world-wide 
right and license under any Microsoft copyrights in this specification 
to copy, publish and distribute this specification, and to implement 
this specification in your products." (...)

What do you think?

Ildefonso Camargo
icamargo at merkurio.com.ve
ildefonso_camargo at yahoo.com
icamargo at unet.edu.ve

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