[Samba] Home-share, winbindd and use-default-domain trouble

Christoph Scheeder christoph.scheeder at scheeder.de
Tue May 25 09:13:06 GMT 2004

Hi folks,
after installing mit kerberos-1.3.3 and the samba.3_0-subversion tree
from yesterday i finally got my ADS-memberserver accessible from 
win2k-clients. but now i have a little problem.
The samba server will be the main mailgatway for the site, so i need to 
set the "use default domain" switch for winbind to get automagicaly 
created the local user-mailboxes and home-dirs for the Accounts in ADS.
up to this point all if working fine.
i can send mail to the users, the homedirs get created on the fly,
they can be accessed etc.
but if i set samba to restrict the access to the home-share only to the 
correct user ( "only user = %U" in the [homes] section) the users get
locked out of their home-shares, and the server logs a line
"user DOMAIN-username is not allowed to access share username".
(i have set '-' as domain-separator in smb.conf)

should this be called a bug, or is there a work-around for it?


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