[Samba] Logs and one mount point

Luiz Morte morte at xapuri.org
Mon May 24 01:08:52 GMT 2004

Hi list,

I have a Samba with ADS and I have some questions:

1. About log
I need to log, if possible in a separeted file, all the changes that a 
user make in the files (for example,
delete a file). What the operations can I make with the logs?

2. I have many groups of users from ADS (like g1, g2 and g3). I need to 
construct directores like this:

with access:
list1: access by g1 and g2
list2: access by g2
list3: access by all
(for example)

I need that the clients machines mount the data directory, for easiest 
manager (and not mount list1, list2 and list3).
How can I do to preserve this structure?

Thanks in advance,

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