[Samba] Help and instructions for the savingsemail@savingsemail.net list

savingsemail Help Auto Responder savingsemail-service at savingsemail.net
Mon May 17 03:06:00 GMT 2004

1. How do I unsubscribe? 

   a.  Follow the "unsubscribe" link and instructions
       at the bottom of each list message you receive; OR

   b.  From the subscribed account, send email to: 
		savingsemail-unsub at savingsemail.net  OR

   c.  Fill out and submit the unsubscribe form at:

2. How can I manage my subscriptions? 

   Login to the management site at:

   To register, go to:
   or send email to:
		savingsemail-reset at savingsemail.net 
   and you will receive a password and instructions.

3. How do I subscribe?

   Send email to: 
		savingsemail-sub at savingsemail.net 
   from the email account you wish to subscribe.

   You will be asked to confirm your request to ensure the request
   is voluntary.  Some lists require moderator approval of your
   request to join the list.

4. How can I temporarily stop receiving email during my vacation?
   a.  By web:
   Login and set your vacation.

   b.  By email:
   To start vacation, send email to:
		savingsemail-vacation at savingsemail.net 
   from the subscribed email account.  You will receive a vacation
   status email.

   To end vacation, send email to:
		savingsemail-vacation-off at savingsemail.net 
   from the subscribed email account, or reply to the vacation
   status email message.  Otherwise, the vacation period automatically
   ends after 14 days.

5. I want to access the web site, but forgot my password!

   a.  By web:
   Request a new password at:

   b.  By email:
   Reset your password or register a new address by sending email to:
		savingsemail-reset at savingsemail.net
   and you will then receive your new password and instructions.

6. How can I change my email address?

   Unsubscribe the old address from the old account and subscribe
   the new address from the new account.

If your questions were not answered here, please contact savingsemail-owner at savingsemail.net

Thank you!
savingsemail.net  Administrator

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