[Samba] can Xp join samba domain without root smbpasswd..?

Adina S sambadyna at yahoo.com
Fri May 21 21:53:21 GMT 2004

I have a samba server for Win XP, 2000 and 98 clients.
All machines joined the domain but I wonder if there
is any way to skip the root&root_smb password when
joining the domain with an XP or 2000 client. I have
the ´add machine script´ to automatically create the
machine account but I think is uncomfortable for the
administrator to go to each computer and to give root
account and samba password and only after that the
machine to be actualy in that domain. I am looking for
a solution for a school network, where computers are
in 5 buildings. Giving root smb password to students
is not a solution and neither for the network
administrator to go to all those building... And of
course I have to take into consideration laptops,
students who may want sometimes to be on school
domain. If anybody knows a solution... Pliz help. From
what I read so far I didn´t find any.

And another question, about printing from 98. I can
install the printers I have on my samba server, it
only takes 3 mouse clicks, but I´d like to use a
script to automatically install printers, like
rundll32 is for XP. I dond´t know if and what is the

Thank you,

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