[Samba] nmbd - is it running or not...?

Adam Buglass adam.buglass at ncl.ac.uk
Thu May 20 15:30:41 GMT 2004

Hi, I've just started setting Samba up so I'm at quite an elementary

I'm using Samba 2.2.8a on a Solaris 7 server.

I can connect to Samba ok when using localhost from the console.

However when I try and use DOS from a Win95 test machine I get a message
saying the computer name was not recognised.
This points to the nameserver not running (I'm using nmbd provided with
Samba suite for the nameserver).
The SWAT console says that smbd is running and that nmbd is not.

However if I use the "ps -ef" command to check the processes on the
system  I get several instances of nmbd running (maybe 30) and one
instance of smbd.

I've set both of them running as daemons using "./smbd -D start" and
"./nmbd -D start" respectively

Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong - like I said I'm basically a newbie
on Samba.

My config file is just at a basic test stage (I've tried different
things for the workgroup variable):

#   workgroup = home
   netbios name = marianet
   encrypt passwords = no
      path = "/home"
      guest ok = no
      read only = no
         path = /share
         comment = Solaris share
         guest ok = yes
         read only = no
         browseable = yes

Any ideas, thoughts, comments, suggestions and pointers will be much



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