[Samba] Re: Building Samba with cups

Lane Safford lsafford at tre.state.vt.us
Thu May 20 15:37:29 GMT 2004

Richard Harke wrote:

> I've downloaded samba-3.0.3 source and now am trying to build.
> I need cups support but I don't understand what to put on
> the command line when I run configure. I have --enable-cups
> put that is not enough. It seems to want CUPS_CONFIG to be
> the path to an executable. But what executable?? And is
> CUPS_CONFIG given on the command line or should it be an
> environment variable. (Note: cups is installed and running
> on the system. SuSE 8.1 with kernel 2.4.19)
> Richard Harke

You need to have the libcups2-devel package installed.

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