[Samba] Windows XP slow access to network places shortcut?

Clint Sharp clint at typhoon.org
Thu May 20 09:58:33 GMT 2004

samba wrote:

>No, I did not. According to this google search it may speed up network browsing:
>Well, I just set it on my box here, and I am still having the slow network browsing. I still think it has something to do with the way I'm logging in. Since guest is the default in XP i have to put user name in the path: \\fileserver\share\passprotectedshare%user and then enter in password, even though login says guest, that method tricks XP into thinking that user is logging in and not guest. My thoughts are unbased, but I have a hunch. Opinions?
>Anyone have experience with disabling this or leaving it enabled and seeing a difference? Just curious. Actually, extremely curious! 
Just for giggles, open up this file share with the "Folders" toolbar 
disabled (i.e. My Computer instead of Windows Explorer, although they're 
identical in 2000 & Up, just open up different toolbars by default) and 
tell me if opening the share still takes the same amount of time.  Often 
times, enumerating the workgroup/domain computers in the Folders list at 
the left is what slows network performance down considerably.  Also, try 
and map a drive to the share and see if performance there is slow as well.


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