[Samba] Samba 2.2.7: Access to differents shares from the same NT client

Jean-Philippe BATTU jean-philippe.battu at bull.net
Tue May 18 12:30:33 GMT 2004


I have a linux box RH90 with samba 2.2.7a installed.
my windows client is running NT40.

is it possible to access from this same clients two differents
share on the linux box, with the identity of two different
linux user accounts.

For example my smb.conf looks like :

    security = user
    encrypt passwords = yes

    path = /home/user1
    valid users = user1
    user = user1

    path = /home/user2
    valid users = user2
    user = user2

I would like to access to these shares with user1 and user2 following
the share used. For the moment, I get an error from NT after one
established share telling me the identity ressource is already used (it
is the translation of the message get in French !)

Thanks for your help


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