[Samba] REPOST Linux network with access to NT4 domain using Samba

Jason Romo jason at romos.net
Fri May 14 19:57:28 GMT 2004

Sorry if this is repost, but I didn¹t see this hit the list.

I have a problem I am trying to resolve.  I have Linux firewalls protecting
the users on many networks.  Everything works but Domain logons to the NT4
Domain.  This is due to NETBIOS  and NAT problem.  So I have users that have
a private address and a PDC that has a pubilc address due to the network
design that can¹t be changed.  I have install Samba 3.x and thought I could
join it to the domain to allow the samba server to handle the connection for
the NATed users.

Is there a way to do this?  I need the local users to be able to
authenticate to an NT4 domain  or I have to remove the firewalls.  I am
working on trying to convince them to migrate from the NT4 domain to samba,
but it is a battle.  If I can show them that Linux can work with the current
network for now it could by me more time to convince them to migrate.

Thanks in a advance,

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