[Samba] How to disable changing of modification times on file access?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri May 14 19:39:56 GMT 2004

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Hannu Koivisto wrote:

|>| noticed that whenever I open a file using a Windows
|>| (I'm using Windows 2000) application, Samba changes
|>| its modification time to the current time.  The old
|>| modification time is restored when the windows application
|>| quits / closes the file.
|> Samba is only doing what the client applciation asks for.
| Could you elaborate?  It sounds odd that the client application
| would specifically ask for the modification time to be changed in
| this case.  Even if it does that, would it not make sense to
| provide an option that could be used to ignore such requests and
| only let the modification time change when the file is actually
| modified?

My observations is that the behavior is by design in
applications like Excel.

cheers, jerry
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