[Samba] Understanding Samba Shares

Steven Sheeley ssheeley at myndworx.com
Wed May 12 16:57:16 GMT 2004

I've searched every archive and read the documentation and I still can not figure out how to do this.

I've recently installed Debian 3.0 (woody) on a box and have setup Samba on it.  I can see it from my WinXP box just 
fine and I have a user on the Debian box that's the same as my user name and PW on the WinXP box. I can read/write and 
do everything from my 'Home' share automatically setup by samba and that's working just fine.

Where I am dropping the ball is in creating another share that I as normal user can write to.  I do my web page work 
on my WinXP system and want to share the /var/www directory so that I can directly open my php and html files with my 
editor on the WinXP system and not have to maintain two copies or more, elsewhere and FTP them back and forth.

I've setup the share using the examples I've found on the net and I can see the share and even read the files there, 
but I can not write to them.

The /var/www directory is owned by group www-data, of which my normal user on the Debian machine is a member of.

I'm completely stuck here, can anyone point me in the write [get it?  ;-)] direction so that I can read and write to 
that shared 
dir with my WinXP box?

Thanks in advance

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