[Samba] Understanding Samba Shares

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Sat May 29 17:28:33 GMT 2004

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Subject: [Samba] Understanding Samba Shares

| I've searched every archive and read the documentation and I still can not
figure out how to do this.
| I've recently installed Debian 3.0 (woody) on a box and have setup Samba
on it.  I can see it from my WinXP box just
| fine and I have a user on the Debian box that's the same as my user name
and PW on the WinXP box. I can read/write and
| do everything from my 'Home' share automatically setup by samba and that's
working just fine.
| Where I am dropping the ball is in creating another share that I as normal
user can write to.  I do my web page work
| on my WinXP system and want to share the /var/www directory so that I can
directly open my php and html files with my
| editor on the WinXP system and not have to maintain two copies or more,
elsewhere and FTP them back and forth.
| I've setup the share using the examples I've found on the net and I can
see the share and even read the files there,
| but I can not write to them.
| The /var/www directory is owned by group www-data, of which my normal user
on the Debian machine is a member of.
| I'm completely stuck here, can anyone point me in the write [get it?  ;-)]
direction so that I can read and write to
| that shared
| dir with my WinXP box?
| Thanks in advance
| Steve
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 first check /var/www rights, might help

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