[Samba] starnge Auth problem in w2k Domain with ADS

Anders Berg andersb at vg.no
Wed May 12 09:40:29 GMT 2004

Hi Christoph,

you have come to the wrong group.
Not that this question does not belong here, its just that nobody is 
willing to answer it!

4 questions so far in May have been about this topic (mine: 
http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2004-May/085521.html) , and many more 
earlier months.
And there are surprisingly few replys.

I _don't_ think it's because it's a RTFM question, or is adressed in such 
detail so many times that people just can't be bothered answering it.
I think its because they don't wanna touch it (they meaning the people that 
have written/worked with these parts of Samba)!

The best reference I have been able to find so far, in my 6 day quest, to 
do the same thing as you want to do is:

But this did not work for me... Though it is apperently working for some. 
Some go so far as to say thet samba can't do what you want we want it to do 
in our case.

I used both Heimdal 0.6.2 (I have a 2003 server I auth. against, and the 
Samba docs say that Heimdal must be used with 2003.) and the MIT 1.3.3 
kerbos and both 3.0.3 and 3.0.4 Samba.

I see that one person has sendt a "Me too" mail in reply to you already. :)

Will the real Samba community please stand up?!

Anders Berg

At 10:37 12.05.2004 +0200, Christoph Scheeder wrote:
>my Situation:
>a w2k-server set in mixed mode as ADS-Server,a debian machine with
>latest stable samba compiled self with ADS-support.
>samba machine joined to ADS-Domain succesfully, winbindd installed and
>configured, all w2k users and groups visible on samba-server.
>Browsing and connecting to w2k-server and samba-server from the samba
>server with smbclient and -k option works fine for all accounts in the
>w2k-domain and the localy on the samba server defined users.
>If i try to access the samba server from a w2k-client in the domain i
>get a prompt for user and password. If i supply a domain-account i get
>a failure, if i supply a local samba-server-account all works fine.
>Where should i look to solve this problem?
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