[Samba] Samba 3.0.3 bugs

Rashid N. Achilov shelton at sentry.granch.ru
Mon May 3 11:47:35 GMT 2004

I have encountered some bunch of bugs in Samba 3.0.3 (downloaded today).

1. passdb.tdb doesn't creating automatically, creating zero-length file and 
constantly reported "Failed to open TDB file passdb.tdb". I make to create it 
manually through tdbtool (autoconvert when smbpasswd adding user). 3.0.2 has 
similar bug, but in 3.0.2 this bug was eliminated, when I erase "smbpasswd" 
from "passdb backend" line.

2. When personal configs (smb.conf.%U) didn't used and "hide unreadble = yes", 
I can see directories with only rights to user (like "mail") only when user 
included in "admin users=..." list. Ordinary user didn't see it, even it is 

3. Mostly ugly bug - user home directory disappearing, when 
smb.conf.<username> exists and included in smb.conf! So, when file (i.e 
shelton is username) smb.conf.shelton exists and has any content (even zero 
size) I cannot see share 'shelton' in shares list. Using per-user 
configuration file is valuable part of configuration and cannot be replaced 
(for me). And when I try to see shares list from administrator user 
(users.map contains root = administrator) I see "Network path doesn't exist".

So, I can give access to homedir only:
- smb.conf.<username> didn't included in config or not exist 
- hide unreadable = no (for ordinary user)

FreeBSD 4.10, Samba 3.0.3. I have tried default config with minimal adaption - 
no effect.
   With Best Regards.
   Rashid N. Achilov (RNA1-RIPE), Web: http://granch.ru/~shelton
   Granch Ltd. system administrator, e-mail: achilov [at] granch [dot] ru
   PGP: 83 CD E2 A7 37 4A D5 81 D6 D6 52 BF C9 2F 85 AF 97 BE CB 0A

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