SOME Suggestions on [Samba] Can't the very basic stuff to work

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Thanks, but I am still having the same problem -- I made sure to reference
the correct passwd file, but WinXP is still forcing me to logon as


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Hello Tim,

I have read your posting on the samba mailing list.

I suggest that you put following lines in your

encrypt password = yes
smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd
passwd program = /bin/passwd %u

CAUTION: The above paths to the smbpasswd and passwd file 
are related to my system. They differ from distribution to
distribution. So on your Linux system the paths may be different.

you may determine the path to those files by

find / -name smbpasswd
find / -name passwd

Now make sure that you have on your Linux system the users
who shall have access to teh SAMBA Shares.

I think in your case they are: 
tim AND chrissy

Now, since you are using security=share, so no LDAP server, 
you need to add these users to your smbpasswd, due it is used 
for authentification.

This shall be done by calling

smbpasswd -a user_name


smbpasswd -a tim
smbpasswd -a chrissy

you will be promted for a password when adding the user.
Give the same password as the unix password for those users.

BTW: You shall be the root-user to perform the above said.

Now RESTART your smbd and nmbd deamons and verify
that they are running:

ps -ef|grep smbd
ps -ef|grep nmbd

Well, then try to access the FIRST your home directories,
from Windows.

You may also shall consider to set security=user.
In this case you do not need to specify valid users for shares.

Hope this helps.


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