[Samba] Attachment to previous

John Lewis johno at iafrica.com
Wed Mar 31 18:27:58 GMT 2004


I cannot seem to beat the password problems on SAMBA. I have tried
everything from removing all references to passwords to installing the
simplest smb.conf file and I still get a long diatribe about passwords when
I run testparm. I can see shares etc and I can run SMBCLIENT and all seems
fine. This is a home machine so security is not a problem and if need be I
can work the opposite way to high security.

Attached are the smb.conf file and the output from testparm and smbclient. I
have no root or users passwords anywhere.

Any suggestions, remember security is not a problem, it is for storage and
testing etc.


John Lewis

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PS sorry I forgot to mention Unix 5.07 and Windows ME.

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