[Samba] Re: Cannot start SWAT on Solaris 8 server - libiconv.so.2: open

Alexander Skwar not-NOSPAM-from at email-server.info
Wed Mar 31 09:25:08 GMT 2004

Am Tue, 30 Mar 2004 10:57:49 -0500 schrieb Scarff,  Christopher J Mr
(Titan) 513th:

> No one on the planet has seemed to answer this question.  After an hour
> or so of trying to fix this problem myself, I now have the answer, at
> least a temp fix for it.
> I just linked /usr/local/lib/libiconf.so.2 /lib/libiconf.so.2 in Solaris
> 9. Seems to get Swat working again.  

Wow. When did I write that question? 2002? ;)

Thanks for the answer *G* I somehow got it to work.

Alexander Skwar
panic("Unable to find empty mailbox for aha1542.\n");
	2.2.16 /usr/src/linux/drivers/scsi/aha1542.c

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