[Samba] Problem using Samba to access nfs mount on linux to EMC share from WinXP

ajwidene at rockwellcollins.com ajwidene at rockwellcollins.com
Tue Mar 30 19:00:41 GMT 2004

Our company recently did a poor job of migrating us to a new EMC system for
NAS.  We were immediately faced with its inability to translate permissions
between UNIX and windows since our company hasn't figured out EMC's secure
mode permissions.  Since the EMC maintained the proper UNIX permissions, we
tried using a samba server on linux to share out an NFS mount of the EMC
partition to our Windows clients.  This seemed to be working except some
files and directories simply don't show up in explorer on windows.  We can
type the absolute path to a directory we know exists and then we can see
the contents, but the directory itself won't show up in the listing.  We
thought we could live with this by just typing out the names of files that
didn't show up, but it is now affecting some of our windows tools.  They
can't seem to find the files that are realy there.

Please help! Thank you.
Andrew Widener
ASIC/FPGA Design Engineer
Rockwell Collins, Inc.

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