[Samba] Re: Re: Purpose of param. "time server" ?

M. Vancl mvancl at setuza.cz
Tue Mar 30 08:55:18 GMT 2004

"Malcolm Baldridge" <google at paypc.com> wrote
>> a) Ability to set clock by "net time ..." don't depend on value of this
>> parameter on SAMBA server.

>I don't know if Samba supports the call if you don't specify that.

But I do. It's wery simple test to verify it.

>> b) Ability to set clock by net time on NT and subsequent Windows is based
>> on system rights of current user,  and so it is not sure to work.

>Correct.  Consumer Windows [95/98/Me] let you do it unconditionally.

OK. Win9x/ME have no security politics. My problem are NT, 2k, XP - user
account must be at least in "Power Users" group to be able to do it.

>> c) Setting clock during execution of login script is dependent on user
>> logging and then accurancy of clock depends on frequency of logging in.

>Correct.  And it's not very precise either.  I think +/- 0.5 second is the
>best you can expect, and it's probably not even that good.  It's not NTP,
>nor does it condition the system's clocks.  You're better off using W32Time
>for NTP, which comes built-in with Windows 2000, and is an easily obtained
>download for Windows NT.

Yes, ntp is the solution, but my original question was what is purpose of
that fucking option ?!


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