[Samba] Re: Purpose of param. "time server" ?

Malcolm Baldridge google at paypc.com
Tue Mar 30 08:12:25 GMT 2004

> a) Ability to set clock by "net time ..." don't depend on value of this
> parameter on SAMBA server.

I don't know if Samba supports the call if you don't specify that.

> b) Ability to set clock by net time on NT and subsequent Windows is based
> on system rights of current user,  and so it is not sure to work.

Correct.  Consumer Windows [95/98/Me] let you do it unconditionally.

> c) Setting clock during execution of login script is dependent on user
> logging and then accurancy of clock depends on frequency of logging in.

Correct.  And it's not very precise either.  I think +/- 0.5 second is the
best you can expect, and it's probably not even that good.  It's not NTP,
nor does it condition the system's clocks.  You're better off using W32Time
for NTP, which comes built-in with Windows 2000, and is an easily obtained
download for Windows NT.
> Is somebody able to explain me it more thoroughly ?

You'd sprinkle "net time \\sambaserver /set" into the login scripts of your
various users.  This is easier to do for Windows 95/98/Me of course.


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