[Samba] Re: Purpose of param. "time server" ?

M. Vancl mvancl at setuza.cz
Tue Mar 30 06:47:06 GMT 2004

> For more information, see the discussion of this on 3-19 with subject
> server option".

Thanks for your advices. Unfortunately that thread was also based by me and
this is my second attempt to reach proper explanation.

More intimately some my thoughts:
a) Ability to set clock by "net time ..." don't depend on value of this
parameter on SAMBA server.
b) Ability to set clock by net time on NT and subsequent Windows is based on
system rights of current user,  and so it is not sure to work.
c) Setting clock during execution of login script is dependent on user
logging and then accurancy of clock depends on frequency of logging in.

Is somebody able to explain me it more thoroughly ?

M. Vancl

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