[Samba] Linux-to-Linux permissions?

Nigel Marsh Nigel.Marsh at first-linux.com
Mon Mar 29 18:36:15 GMT 2004

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look at these options in "man smbmount". They are the same options that can be 
used in the fstab options section.


On Monday 29 March 2004 18:41, Brandon Laing wrote:
> Hey list,
> I'm having some permissions problems with a couple of Linux boxes. I have 1
> box set up running as a Samba server for our Windows boxes, which is
> working great. I also need to have a second Linux box connect to it to run
> some applications against it. So, I have everything set up in the fstab
> file to mount the shared drive. That part works great. However, the
> permissions are always set to 755, and the owner is always root, and the
> group is always root. This does not work for me, as I need other users to
> have write access to the share. I have set the permissions on the mount
> folders to 777 and changed the owner, but as soon as they are mouted they
> go right back to 755. If I try to do a chmod or chown, I get an "Operation
> no permitted" error. Through Gnome, if I try check the permissions I want
> set, they are unchecked on their own right away!
> So, I've set my smb.conf file up to force all files and folder to have 777
> access by default. No difference. I've tried specifying the rw flag when I
> mount, the user flag, etc.. but nothing has made any difference. This seems
> a bit odd to me that there isn't any way at all to set the permissions up
> properly going between 2 almost identical machines!
> So, if there's just something I'm missing, or if this is a known limitation
> in Samba, I'd appreciate any advice on where to go from here. Both boxes
> are running Fedora Core 1 on ext3 filesystems.
> Thanks,
> Brandon

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