[Samba] Linux-to-Linux permissions?

Brandon Laing Brandon.Laing at vancoservices.com
Mon Mar 29 17:41:02 GMT 2004

Hey list,

I'm having some permissions problems with a couple of Linux boxes. I have 1 box set up running as a Samba server for our Windows boxes, which is working great. I also need to have a second Linux box connect to it to run some applications against it. So, I have everything set up in the fstab file to mount the shared drive. That part works great. However, the permissions are always set to 755, and the owner is always root, and the group is always root. This does not work for me, as I need other users to have write access to the share. I have set the permissions on the mount folders to 777 and changed the owner, but as soon as they are mouted they go right back to 755. If I try to do a chmod or chown, I get an "Operation no permitted" error. Through Gnome, if I try check the permissions I want set, they are unchecked on their own right away! 

So, I've set my smb.conf file up to force all files and folder to have 777 access by default. No difference. I've tried specifying the rw flag when I mount, the user flag, etc.. but nothing has made any difference. This seems a bit odd to me that there isn't any way at all to set the permissions up properly going between 2 almost identical machines! 

So, if there's just something I'm missing, or if this is a known limitation in Samba, I'd appreciate any advice on where to go from here. Both boxes are running Fedora Core 1 on ext3 filesystems. 


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