[Samba] W2K3 Server + RAS + Samba 3.0 Domain

Daniel Holtkamp holtkamp at riege.com
Mon Mar 29 14:32:12 GMT 2004

Hi !

I´m trying to figure out if it´s possible to add a W2K3 Server into a
Samba 3.0 Domain and then have the RAS-Service on the W2K3 server
authenthicate against the Samba Domain.

Bringing the 2K3 into the Domain was not much of a problem, working fine
so far, i can log on using Domain users etc.

But i´ve been trying for a week now and i can´t get the RAS Service
working properly. It always complains that it can´t authenticate the
user on the Domain, but from the logs it´s not even trying to.

Of course i asked google and searched this list but the closest thing i
found was about Win2000 RAS ... and it was a post about that not working

Question: Anyone ever gotten this to work ? With a 2K or 2K3 Server ?
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