[Samba] NIS / Samba

Nigel Marsh Nigel.Marsh at first-linux.com
Mon Mar 29 09:44:36 GMT 2004

 On Monday 29 March 2004 05:07, kaze wrote:
> Can I take an existing bunch of local users accounts and flip it into a NIS
> or Samba PDC server?

Yes, especially if you use LDAP and the migration tools scripts from
to migrate the accounts.

> Can a Samba box serve the same directory data as _both_ a NIS server and a
> Samba PDC?

As far as I am aware it can. Again with LDAP you can also serve up the same 
data as an NIS server.

> Assuming an environment with a few servers with static DNS and IP info
> where the clients are not doing any peer to peer file and print sharing,
> what is the downside to NOT having an Active Directory, i.e. a Samba 3.0
> PDC?

Samba 3.0 cannot yet be a, "Active Directory" domain controller but, it can be 
a PDC.


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