[Samba] homes on different subnets with smb pdc bdc /ldap, automatic home mapping sporadic failures

RRuegner robert at ruegner.org
Sun Mar 28 11:06:48 GMT 2004

Craig White schrieb:
> On Sat, 2004-03-27 at 07:35, RRuegner wrote:
>>Hi Samabatistas,
>>I have a ldap smb pdc and a ldap smb bdc in a different subnetc.
>>connected via a vpn
>>Users work at the place of the pdc have their home and their profile there,
>>Users working on the place of the bdc have their home and their profile 
>>on the bdc.
>>I did this with editing their ldap attr. on the pdcs ldap master
>>this works like charme, but sometimes
>>the automatic home drive mapping fails and i have such entry in the log
>>this behavior is not permanent , anybody a idea what might be the failure?
>>i recognized the failure mostly appears if a wins proxy on the fire wall 
>>get restarted is it a thing with wins?
>>add info ,no failure with the profiles appear
>>[2004/03/27 15:09:44, 2] smbd/service.c:make_connection(809)
>>   [homes] share not available for this user because it was not found or 
>>created at session setup time
> ----
> that surely sounds like the problem. I would bet that the same computer
> which doesn't get the 'home' share loaded also cannot see the computer
> in Network Neighborhood nor could even ping it at that point by pinging
> the NETBIOS Name of the 'home' share for the user.
> It's easy enough to test - if you create an LMHOSTS file which has the
> ip addresses of the PDC & BDC and load it on one of the computers in the
> remote location, it will not have trouble finding either one but the
> ones machines that don't have this LMHOSTS file are struggling to find
> them.
> Craig
Hi Craig,
i fixed a few wins parameter also the win resolve order now the failure 
is gone.Lmhost maybe a good debug feature but it is now way for me to 
fix failures.

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