[Samba] Re: ...credentials conflict...

Ed Ravin eravin at panix.com
Sat Mar 27 15:58:23 GMT 2004

>From somewhere in cyberspace, Paul Gienger <pgienger at ae-solutions.com> said:
>What is happening is that whoever you're logged in as already has a 
>connection to the server.  Be it a mapped drive or that you browsed to 
>the server and then manually logged in.  Try to disconnect all network 
>drives and then reboot (or you could try to just log out first) and come 
>back in as the local user with no drives mapped.  Make sure that you 
>don't try to go to the network for anything before you try to join the 

Under most circumstances, doing "net use * /d" will clear all your
network mappings, including a few "invisible" ones that don't usually
turn up with you do "net use".

>Keppler wrote:
>>when placing a machine w2k in the domain samba, is returned the following
>>message from error: "the supplied credentials conflict with a set of
>>existing credentials"; somebody knows as to decide?

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