[Samba] ...credentials conflict...

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Sat Mar 27 15:02:31 GMT 2004

What is happening is that whoever you're logged in as already has a 
connection to the server.  Be it a mapped drive or that you browsed to 
the server and then manually logged in.  Try to disconnect all network 
drives and then reboot (or you could try to just log out first) and come 
back in as the local user with no drives mapped.  Make sure that you 
don't try to go to the network for anything before you try to join the 

Windows can only handle one (distinct) login to the server at a time, 
and you're giving it a second when you try to join up.

Keppler wrote:

>when placing a machine w2k in the domain samba, is returned the following
>message from error: "the supplied credentials conflict with a set of
>existing credentials"; somebody knows as to decide?

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