Account with no lanman hash [ was Re: [Samba] Machine accounts, Samba 3, NT Domain migration

Beast indorama at
Sat Mar 27 06:42:16 GMT 2004

* Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at> menulis:

> 'net rpc samdump' should do what you need

Wew, it can dump all sam without asking for admin password ;-)

However, it always gives segmentation fault error after retrieveing
groups. Nevermind, it already get all acounts anyway...
I'll try it on client and let you know. 

> > Also, net rpc vampire has few advantage over pwdump, it can
> > retrieve groups where pwdump can not.
> pwdump was a quick hack, from what I understand...

I wish i knew this tool before ;-(. However i can confirm that pwdump
was able to get 100% of correct account if client is joined recently.
Tested on hundreds clients on different domain.


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