[Samba] scandinavian letters or charset problem?

Pirkka Luukkonen samba at con3.org
Fri Mar 26 06:56:12 GMT 2004

>> Hi!
>> This teamware mailclient (teamware.com) that we use at the office has
>> problems adding files as attachments from our Samba 3.0.2a share. The
>> attachment file browser sees the files but fails to add them as
>> attachments (with an error message: "valid.stf - file not found"
>> regardless of the file name in question). I tracked this thing down to
>> scandinavian letters (if your mail client supports it you should see
>> these åäöÅÄÖ) in directory names.
>> example:
>> g:\some-directory\some-file.png        Works OK
>> g:\scandiåöä\some-file.png         Doesn't work.
>> Anywhere else in Windows XP samba directories work just fine with
>> scandinavian letters. This is the only program that behaves like this
>> and I haven't received any help from vendor or manufacturer and they are
>> as amazed as I am.
>> Server is Samba 3.0.2a with winbind and the charsets are:
>>         dos charset = CP850
>>         unix charset = UTF-8
>> Clients are Windows XP/2k/NT and Teamware Office 5.3/6.0.
> In the same way that Samba has had to deal with the move to unicode, so
> have many windows applications.  In windows, the transition is to a new
> collection of 'W' functions, for 'wide' character set.  This is a lot of
> work, and many applications instead convert back and forth to the old
> ASCII or OEM code page.  If your user's profile/localle is incorrect,
> then this might be part of the issue.  The correct solution may be for
> your application to be at least partially recoded using these
> functions...
> How well does this work against a win2k server?  If it doesn't fail,
> then we have something more fishy going on...

I tested unix charsets ascii, iso8859-1 and iso8859-15 with Samba and it did
no use. I also tried win2k and nt server shares and they worked like a
charm. It seems clear, that the problem I have is somewhere between Teamware
Office and Samba server. Some exception that it cannot handle, perhaps.


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