[Samba] "net rpc vampire" case sensitivity problem

Ed Ravin eravin at panix.com
Thu Mar 25 23:47:53 GMT 2004

On Fri, Mar 26, 2004 at 10:39:16AM +1100, Daniel Kasak wrote:
> Interesting. I remember have case sensitivity problems ( among others ) 
> when using 'net rpc vampire' with 3.0.1-rc-something.
> Actually I had such a hard time that I decided to hold off until the 
> process went a little smoother.
> Yeah I also remember hand-editing /etc/passwd entries ( sometimes 
> unsucessfully - I rooted some guy's account good ! ).
> Have there been any bug fixes to the 'vampire' function since 3.0.1?

Craig's post suggests that this isn't a bug, just a "difference" between
Unix and NT.  I suppose you could rename the NT users to all lower case
before migrating, that should make things go "smoother".

In my case, I really didn't want to migrate all the users, just some
of them, but "net rpc vampire" doesn't give you a choice, it's all
or nothing.

Here's a thought: how about an option to the vampire to spit out
commands to import the users rather than doing it itself.  Then you
could save the output, edit it if needed for case problems or removing
users that you don't want to import, then run it.

The only catch is that some of the backend data isn't accessible via
pdbedit - in particular, you can't provide the password hash or the
"Unix username".  Easy enough to fix.  It would also be nice if you
could tell pdbedit not to check for the existence of a Unix user
before creating an account, i.e. "trust me I'll add it later".

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