[Samba] Any plans to fix Bug 1139 in 3.0.3?

Brandon Turner brandon at msc.tamu.edu
Thu Mar 25 22:43:27 GMT 2004

I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any plans to fix Bug #1139
(reproduced below) in version 3.0.3.  I haven't tried 3.0.3pre1 yet, but
from what I read of the changes it doesn't look like this bug has been


Is there some other work around?  This bug is quite annoying as some of
our users/administrators would like to use Windows to modify ACLs and we
recently migrated SIDs from NT4.  I've tried setting the Algorithmic
mapping base higher but this doesn't seem to help.  Any help would be


Brandon Turner

MSC Computer Operations


BUG #1139:


How to reproduce that bug:
After migrating users from NT4 to samba you get lots of RIDs that
do not match the rid algorithm. As one such user, prefereably one
with an odd RID, create a new file on some samba share with Linux
ACL enabled. Now open the Properties->Security->??? dialog
(Eigenschaften->Sicherheit->Berechtigungen in German)
and change anything. Add write permission to everyone, for example.
Now take a look at that file in the Linux filesystem, specially
the ACL on that file. The owner has lost write permission and
some group has got full access instead.
The GID of this (possible not even existing) group is exactly
the result of the RID algorithm calculation.
What is happening?:
My brief investigations indicate that the function
create_canon_ace_lists() from posix_acls.c calls both sid_to_gid()
and sid_to_uid() in turn with the same SID just to try if it matches
in one case or the other. Unfortunately, sid_to_gid() falls back to
algorithmic mapping and in the case shown above it succeeds to
calculate a gid out of the migrated users RID.


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