[Samba] Lots of Samba (smbd) processes

Collen Blijenberg <MLHJ> systeembeheer at hermanjordan.nl
Thu Mar 25 07:48:08 GMT 2004

Hmm i see you have a lot of "broken pipes" and "oplock_break failures"
think your prob might be there..
i'm not sure, but the broken pipes might come from that oplock issue..
are you running kernel 2.4.2x, by anny change??
(coz' as far as i know, it has a oplock prob)

you could try to disable the oplocks to see what happens.. (with in
samba that is)
also try setting your log level up, so you have more debug info.
Collen Blijenberg (MLHJ)

Wednesday, March 24, 2004, 5:32:48 PM, you wrote:

RCSPS> Here is the log file.  I modified the S99samba startup to kill all smbd's.
RCSPS> That fixed the "stop"  situation.  Still concerned about all the processes.
RCSPS> There are some log messages about broken pipes?   Thanks so much, Rick
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>> Do you have panic actions in you log files ??
>> also check the proccessor time (top or so..)..
>> last time i had this, was with version prior to version 302..
>> also try to stop samba twice..
>> in the situation i use to had, there where still
>> samba processes running after i runned ./smb stop from
>> the init/rc.d scripts.. (had to do i twice)
>> l8r
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>> Collen Blijenberg (MLHJ)
>> Tuesday, March 23, 2004, 6:44:18 PM, you wrote:
>> RCSPS> Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew why there would be
>> RCSPS> so many Samba (smbd) processes running on my SCO OpenServer
>> RCSPS> 5.0.5 system?   I found an awful lot of them running, much more
>> RCSPS> that what I would expect given the number of Windows PC's on
>> RCSPS> the network.  One of the users was having trouble accessing a
>> RCSPS> file on the SCO system, and that is when I discovered this.   I
>> RCSPS> actually had to write a program to kill (kill -9) all the
>> RCSPS> Samba's (smbd) processes, and then restart Samba.   All was
>> RCSPS> well after that.
>> RCSPS> Thanks for your help!
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