[Samba] Folding Samba into existing PAM_LDAP?

chris chris at meetup.com
Wed Mar 24 17:52:52 GMT 2004

I've just migrated from NIS to LDAP for our UNIX users, and I'm looking 
at continuing a move to LDAP for Samba.  Our existing setup has 
everything running as a workgroup, authenticating via flat files instead 
of PAM.  As it stands, all the usernames and passwords are the same 
across the NIS and Samba domains, but this is done more or less manually.

How can I go about importing an existing smbpasswd file to populate an 
already-running LDAP directory?  It seems that all that I need to do is 
add the proper objectClass, lmpassword, and ntpassword entries, but I'd 
like to use the existing data.  From the looks of it (please correct me 
if I'm wrong,) the idealx smbldap-tools may not be the right way to go 
in this case.

Thanks in advance,
Christopher Kalos

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