[Samba] Lots of Samba (smbd) processes

Stefan G. Weichinger monitor at oops.co.at
Wed Mar 24 18:22:11 GMT 2004


Mittwoch, 24. März 2004, 18:47 you wrote:

RCSPS> Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew why there would be
RCSPS> so many Samba (smbd) processes running on my SCO OpenServer
RCSPS> 5.0.5 system?   I found an awful lot of them running, much more
RCSPS> that what I would expect given the number of Windows PC's on
RCSPS> the network.  One of the users was having trouble accessing a
RCSPS> file on the SCO system, and that is when I discovered this.   I
RCSPS> actually had to write a program to kill (kill -9) all the
RCSPS> Samba's (smbd) processes, and then restart Samba.   All was
RCSPS> well after that.  I have attached the "log.smbd" file.

Attachments get stripped in here ...

I don't remember that exactly, but you could try to read the
docs/manpages for tdbbackup.

I think this could help.

Any errors inside the logfile?

Paste relevant parts into a mail, if so.

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