SV: [Samba] Win2k/XP doesn't execute logon.bat while logging in toSamba PDC

Mats Hemgren mats at
Mon Mar 22 02:13:32 GMT 2004

Från: Alex Forrow 
Skickat: den 22 mars 2004 01:13
Till: 'Mats Hemgren'; samba at

>There are too many possibilities to pin-point the problem. I do notice,
>however that there are errors in your smb.conf unless I'm mistaken:

> logon path /home/%L/profiles/

>For a start you need a '=' and also this should be a windows path
>telling the clients where to find the users profile. For example, mine

>logon path = \\%L\Profiles\%U

>Showing that the user's profile is on the 'Profiles' share of the PDC
>under a directory named as the username. Not sure if this is related.

>Another point: You use %L a lot. Are you aware that this is just the
>name of the PDC, looks like you want %U, the username of the connected

>Hope these points help

>If you still can't get it working try just running the logon script
>manually (run \\servername\netlogon\logon.bat) or have a look at the
>logs (up the log level if necessary)

Thanks, this solved the problem...=)


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