[Samba] connexion lost on samba 3.0.0

Patrick Noel patrick.noel at argus-presse.fr
Mon Mar 22 16:04:31 GMT 2004


in first sorry  for my bad english

I expose my problem:

i have a samba sever 3.0.0 in production for 3 months it is integrated
into a ADS W2K it is with horse on two vlan on a same eternet card there
are approximately 160 pc which connect to the server above is a debian 3
kernel 2.4.18 with the management of the acl. 
the data shared by samba are on afiber bay formatted in xfs with
management of the acl.
the volume accounts is approximately 800 Go
For 3 months very with correctly functioned but since last week there
were bug some pc  cannot more connect during a time (5 minutes to 30
minutes) then all  return in the order
 Problem are:  
from a station W2K the Net view \\my_server does not work (error 53) 
from a station W2K the Net view \\ (IP of the server) does not
work (error 53) 
the ping is good, resolving DNS is good the wins is good but the samba
server does not answer for NETBIOS.  

on the server :  
	a 'nmblookup - B my_server __ SAMBA __' is ok
	a 'smbclient - L //my_server' or 'smbclient -L  //IP or 'smbclient -L
IP' returns  ' connection refused' 
no trace in the log of samba on this Problem 

during this time there are pc which can't have a connexion and there is
which are connected and for which all is good.  
I simplified the configuration of the server to the maximum (no ADS, no
VLAN, ) and I always have this Problem.  

The only thing which was modified it is the volume and the number of
users who increased.

i suspect a problem on connections.tdb

which is the role of the file connections.tdb ?  

I made a dump file and I have a list of the connected machines. 
If this file is corrompu can one imagine that my problems of connect can
come from there?  
I made a 'tdbbackup - v' on this file and it are correct but before i
reinstalled samba in version 3.0.2a  ( the initial version is 3.0.0) 

during an upgrade from samba 3.0.0 to samba 3.0.2a  these files are

Thank you


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