[Samba] stupid message on the windwos-client

Norbert Gomes norbert.gomes at orleans-tours.iufm.fr
Fri Mar 19 15:18:14 GMT 2004


Which version of Windows do you use ?

For W95 / 98 / Me, there's a registry key in 
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Network\Logon] :

Create a DWORD value named UserProfiles and set it to 0, this could 
disable the Profiles.

You can use it by your logon script :

Create a file named disableprofiles.reg and type in the following lines 
 (repect the empty lines) :


Note that the file must be ended by 1 or 2 empty lines to be interpreted 
by regedit command.

Then place in your logon script (if you have one) the command :

regedit /s \\server\netlogon\disableprofiles.reg

This command will update the registry (you may need to restart the 

Hope this will help ;)

Jörn Frenzel a écrit:

>hi outside,
>how can i prevent the stupid windows-message while login on the samba (3.0.2) 
>"there is no serverside profile ... blablablab". we want it only for 
>authentication not for holding data. i know that there are two options       
>("logon home" and "logon path" ) - but if i leave them empty it does not 
>work. i even know, that there are some ways to tell windows to store the 
>profiles local. but this must be done on the win-machines. and we really 
>don't want to do this on over 400 clients :-) REALlY NO !

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