[Samba] mixed guest/domain user access to share

Matthew Geier matthew at arts.usyd.edu.au
Fri Mar 19 04:22:00 GMT 2004

  I'm having terrible trouble getting a share that 'anyone' can connect 
to read only with out a password, but selected people who have write 
persmission would log into normally. The machine will have other shares 
that are access by athentication only.

  smbclient will give me anon access to the share. Windows XP keeps 
asking for a password...

  Note i've used smbclient on an OSX machine in a different subnet. It 
works. Trying to connect using the GUI in OSX won't let me in. Demands a 
password. I would have thought with 'map to guest = Bad User' I could 
put any username I knew was invalid, any random password and it would 
connect as the guest user. It doesn't.

  OK what obvious thing have I missed :-)

chopped down testparm output....

Press enter to see a dump of your service definitions

# Global parameters
         workgroup = ARTS
         server string = Arts MultiMedia Storage
         security = SERVER
         map to guest = Bad User
         password server = {removed :-)}
         max log size = 50
         load printers = No
         local master = No
         dns proxy = No
         read only = No
         guest ok = Yes
         hosts allow = blah...
         use sendfile = Yes

         comment = Media files for language tutorials
         path = /u1/language_media
         write list = @artsit
         create mask = 0775
         hosts allow = slightly more restrictive blah than above.

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