[Samba] User Profiles somewhat broken

David A. Mason damason at davenet.mine.nu
Thu Mar 18 07:13:07 GMT 2004


I've got a Samba 3.02 server on Mandrake 10.0 acting as a PDC for a few
workstations: one XP, one Win2k, and one 98.

The curious thing with the XP and 2k stations is that the user seems somehow
limited if he is not a local admin on his workstation, and this happens both
with roaming and with local profiles. For example, in 2k, if he attempts to
turn on the option to display "Log Off" in the Start menu, it does not take
- not only does the option not get saved at logout, but the option does not
even take effect immediately. XP acts similarly. Also, XP themes do not work
(to the point of not even displaying the preview in the Display control
panel), and Active Desktop does not work on the 2k box (which is not
necessarily a bad thing :^)). All of this is magically fixed when setting
the user as local admin.

Also, this problem is not specific to one user; it happens with any of the
domain users logged on to either of the workstations.

Has anyone encountered this issue? I would be grateful for clues.


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