[Samba] Windows XP - File and Print Sharing

Armindo Machado amachado at iportalmais.pt
Thu Mar 18 02:48:39 GMT 2004


I'm having some problems on my network mostly on Windows XP.

My LAN has about 100 windows workstations, 30 to 40 Windows98 and the 
rest WindowsXP. We've configured a PDC on Samba 2.2.8a with Debian 
Woody3.0 and LDAP. Our configuration normally works fine but we can't 
make permanent file nor printer shares from one WindowsXP to another. 
Setting permissions/access control to the printer (or share) will work 
until the next reboot of that workstation ("server").
After restarting the "server" workstation it no longer recognizes the 
members from the access control list, instead of  displaying 
"MYDOMAIN\user" it lists something like "S-1-4234....".

We've followed the SAMBA-LDAP-HowTo from www.tldp.org.

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